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This is the future world 30,000 years later. Chen Mo, who came from the lost era 30,000 years ago, slept for 30,000 years because of the book of destiny.Chen Mo opened the Book of Destiny. In this era when the world of Carters travels through the heavens, he controls all living beings in the worlds of the heavens. He is the Lord of Destiny, he is also the Lord of Time, and he is also the Lord of Creation.Talent Card: [Goblin Merchant-Talent: Void Gate]Character Card: [Dragon Warrior]Weapon Card: [Purple Swords]Mechanical Card: [Strike Freedom]Auxiliary Card: [Su Sheng of the Dead]The card world of the human race in the future, including thousands of strange cards, and the different civilizations of the heavens and worlds, will gather together because of the power of cards.- Description from MTL

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