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[Full pet without abuse + group pet + vest]Father: “Thousands, although he is paralyzed, as long as you marry him, our company doesn’t have to go bankrupt!”Mother: “And your sister’s heart disease can also get the best treatment.”Fiance: “In this way, you can not only help me get resources from him, but also keep my body and mind clean!”Everyone felt that Jing Qian was really miserable: he was ruined in the hands of a paralyzed person at a young age. Not only did she need to help her sister write songs behind the scenes, create a musical talent for her, but also fight for film and television resources for her fiance. In the end, she was betrayed by both the fiance and the scum girl, and her head was green and glowing.*Oh! Jing Qian opened his eyes after crossing, and found that he had become a little pitiful.As a frightening villain, he is reborn as a celebrity, being a genius doctor, starting a company, mixing red wine, doing cosmeceuticals… Life was so flying by her that she was blinded by the pair of titanium that once looked down on her. Alloy dog eyes.But… after sending away the green tea fiancé, why did a white lotus husband come again, and she pretended to be sick all the time?“I have cured you of your paralysis, and Chongxi has succeeded. What else do you want? Let go, I want a divorce!”“My wife, I still feel a little uncomfortable here.”Looking at the man who doesn’t even pretend to be sick, and hangs her like a large pendant no matter where he goes, Jing Qian is irritable: “Zhan Lichuan, do you want the image of a cold male god any more?”- Description from MTL

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